Shemida J song ‘Kinky’ appears on movie soundtrack starring Vivica A. Fox

By: Sonny Pinkney

Tampa, Florida native Shemida Joseph sings the featured song on the film soundtrack, titled “Kinky”—the film, which stars Hollywood legendary actress, Vivica A. Fox, and features veteran actors, Darrin Henson, Gary Dourdan, (Soul Food TV series); Robert Ri’Chard (Meet the Browns); and former ‘Making the Band 3’ member (formerly of Danity Kane), singer-songwriter Dawn Richard. The movie which opened in theaters across the country, on October 12th   deals with a doctor, (played by Dawn Richard) who wants to get out of her comfort zone and fulfill her sexual desires with her beau (played by Robert Ri’Chard) by incorporating the S&M lifestyle into their relationship.  R&B songstress, Shemida J, believes there’s a negative belief attached to women when it comes to discovering what satisfies her on an emotional and physical level.

“I think there’s definitely a stigma on it—women have to carry themselves, I say all the time. I know men want a lady in streets and a freak in the bed, so its kind weird when a woman is just okay with it publicly; or just to be confident within their sexuality. I think we’re probably used to seeing mom in the kitchen and the playing the nurturing mother role…I think it’s a good thing for women to be confident in who they are—keep your integrity, be who you are—I’m so ‘pro’ for being who you are.” Shemida J thinks.

Full movie trailer is available on Youtube under ‘Kinky’

Shemida J released her debut album “Love Cycle” in 2014

Shemida J, who currently resides in the ‘Hollywood of the South’ otherwise known as, Atlanta, Georgia describes her musical sound as having ‘a lot of ‘soul’.

“I love feel good music—I really only do what I feel, period. It has to be real true honest feeling for me.” Shemida J said.

This is the first time in Shemida’s music career that one of her songs is featured on a movie soundtrack and she told that she’s extremely delighted to have this opportunity come her way.

“I’m so excited. This is the first time—it’s something on the big screen. I was able to go purchase a ticket at AMC [movie theater]  to watch the film [and]  it’s pretty awesome and an exciting moment for me. Shemida J admitted.”

The R&B singer/songwriter was influenced by India Arie, Erykah Badu, Destiny’s Child and Lauryn Hill.

She added: “I’m just excited for more—it’s a really good experience.”

Although, she couldn’t relate to her on a personal level, the Bahamian-born American actress, songwriter and soloist was pleased at how to writers of the film depicted the character that was played by Dawn Richard, as a qualified professional.

“She was portrayed confidently—I loved how the writers made sure she was portrayed as a professional who had her life together—she was okay financially—like she just had a different side of her…it wasn’t nothing more than—this was just a desire and fantasy that she had [and] that she was willing and she found someone that she was comfortable with to go ahead and exploit that and explore it .”

Fans of the movie would be in awe at the amount of time—it took for Shemida J, to compose her song, “Kinky” which, happens to be the title of the movie.

“It didn’t take me that long at all. Maybe a total of thirty-minutes. Soon as I saw the trailer, and I caught a vibe of the movie was going for—and I kind of had the beat pre-selected; and I just went for it…it didn’t take that long at all—really really quick process it was a perfect timing for it.” Joseph told

Although, she doesn’t appear in the film personally, but since its release, ‘Kinky’ it’s garnered some positive feedback regarding, both the film and the movie’s soundtrack.

“I’ve gotten great feedback off of the soundtrack—just been creating more of a talking buzz. It’s making people look at it a little differently, as far as, women being sexual and being the aggressor; Because the film kind of touches on that too—it ventures in the S&M world, which is an interesting space, but, so far it sounds like everything is going great, perception is been pretty well.” Joseph explained.

Ever since, the beginning of time, women are held to a higher standard when it comes to their bodies. And, when some women go against the norm and society’s expectations—they’re often vilified.

Joseph, released her single “Forsaken” in 2017

The “That’s My Baby” singer feels there’s  a ‘double standard’ when it pertains to women and their bodies, because a woman can’t flaunt her body and post pictures on social media—like males without facing criticism.

“It’s okay for men to enjoy the view of a woman’s body, but when a woman presents her body whether it’s on social media, it looked at so negative—the term ‘thirst trap’ comes to mind. I don’t think it’s necessarily fair; I do think there’s a balance–I definitely think you need to have self-respect, there needs to be a balance…If I confidently, love how I’m feeling today, and I happen to be in a bathing suit at the beach in a bikini doing it—then I think that’s cool. Hopefully, over time that double standard will go away, and women can move more confidently.” Shemida J surmises.

The vocalist revealed to that it’s a lack of self-confidence and shaming as some of the reasons that some women aren’t comfortable in their own bodies.

“It’s something that comes from within—the more I’ve learned to love myself, the more I’ve learned to not care about what people think; because I know that my decisions are based in where they’re rooted, and my confidence goes up.

Shemida J will be releasing her EP entitled “She” sometime in 2019.

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