By: Sonny Pinkney

Some people say: ‘A goal without a plan is a wish.’ recently interviewed the co-hosts of CMP Radio’s “The Morning Meeting” show Jean-Pierre Brice and Nifate Williams. Their show airs on Facebook and YouTube on Monday-Friday from 10am-12pm. Brice, a native of Chester, Pennsylvania, revealed how he dreamt of working in radio, because he wanted to highlight positive images in his community—and with the assistance of his two business partners Charles Breakley and Joelle Dodson; Brice’s ‘goal’ became a reality. CMP Radio launched their station in 2017—with the emphasis of being ‘a voice in Chester’ while educating, motivating, stimulating and inspiring individuals, to achieve their goals.

“We sought out to be a place where people can come that’s the beauty of the radio station—that anybody from the city [or] outside the city can come to the station and give their energy to the people—a positive platform is what we strive to be. We do have jokes, we do laugh, we do have some conversations that are out-of-bounds; we allow people to be themselves as long as they’re giving positive energy to the community.” Brice said. 

Both Williams and Brice admitted that they don’t have any journalism experience on their resumes; however, that didn’t deter them from providing an outlet for the voiceless in their community.

“We just come up here and talk, if you tune-into “The Morning Meeting” every day Monday-Friday, from 10 am-12pm, [you] catch me and Nifate sitting here, you’ll notice that we don’t have any radio experience, we just like to talk.” Brice explained.

“We got hands-on learning—so were learning something new definitely every day, it’s definitely an experience here on  “The Morning Meeting” I had no idea what I was doing when I first came here.”  Williams said.

During the interview, the duo expressed to, that a decade prior, they couldn’t envision themselves hosting their own radio show–which can be heard worldwide.

“Never. It wasn’t a goal of mines.” Williams said.

“Ten years before this, about 2006, they was looking for the next Buckwild, at that time I was in a different profession—I played the streets, and I wanted to do it; and my wife at the time, I’d always tell her that I wanted to do this, [and] the day before I submitted my application to be the new Buckwild I got locked up.” Brice explained.

Even though, they don’t view themselves as journalists, the numbers don’t lie, According to CMP Radio’s Facebook page, the station has over three-thousand followers; and has garnered great reviews, which is rare in today’s journalism climate of ‘fake news’ that’s due in large part of the station’s on-air talent and being thorough when disseminating information via their platform.

“I kind of find myself right know in that mode of growing into it. I’m trying to get her [Nifate] to come and grow with me. I think we owe it to the people, that are watching for us to know what we’re talking about—so she researches, she has no problem looking it up…but she’ll never give it that professional name; because she’s about paperwork so, [if]  she doesn’t have the paperwork to say that she’s a journalist, then she’s not going to admit that she’s one; she’s a street journalist, ‘Miss Info’ is what we call her.” Brice feels.

“I don’t find myself to be a journalist—I just find myself to be newsy in a good way though, I’m not trying to find out your personal business; I just want to know what you can give to our community because my community is very important to me.”  Williams stated.

For the viewers that watch Jean-Pierre and Nifate show every morning, you’d think they’ve known each other for years; but they actually met at the local gas station, Brice, was instructed by a ‘good friend’ to seek out a co-host for a morning show for the radio station, Williams was reluctant at first—but, after filming a Facebook live video regarding fatherhood in their community; ‘as they say’ the rest is history. 

“We made the live video and made the topic based on being the fathers in the community—men being men in the community and where have the fathers gone? Knowing that was something that was dear to her [Nifate] heart. And something that she would definitely put her input on.” Brice exclaimed.

Williams, a Chester High School alumna surmises that CMP Radio has had a tremendous impact on the city of Chester; because they’re firm believers of togetherness and accountability.

“If you say that you did it, we need proof—if you say you’re going to do it, we want to see you do it. I wouldn’t have known any of the people that I know now—a year ago, I didn’t know any of these people, I knew him [Brice] not anybody else.” Williams expressed.

She added: “The radio station is a great eye-opener for our city—it speaks positivity one-hundred percent of the time; and, if you ever hear people say it was a buzz—what’s up with this CMP Radio and people are starting to look for it; and now they know where it is.”

One of the highlights so far, in the station’s brief existence was landing an interview with current Chester, Pennsylvania mayor, Thaddeus Kirkland—the Morning Meeting Show hosts touched on topics relating to Chester and how can Kirkland and his administration fix the problems that’s currently plaguing the oldest city in Pennsylvania.

“This city [Chester, Pennsylvania] is distressed—our school district is failing, our city is under Act 47, so it’s a distressed community—its labeled as such, so the attitude and the energy of the people is distressed.” Brice echoed.

According to CMP Radio, Nifate thinks that Mayor Kirkland, who had been invited to appear on the station in the past—believes he only accepted their invitation because of public pressure.

“He only came because of the fire that was put underneath of him. I don’t think it was something that he wanted to do.” Williams feels.

Finally, CMP Radio and its staff is changing how the city is perceived and viewed by outsiders and mainstream media.

“I believe that them talking about CMP Radio and what’s going on is intriguing to others—and now they’re all gravitating to [CMP Radio].” Williams thinks.