How Dr. Renee Sunday Became Known as “The Platform Builder.”

By: Arion Hewitt

Dr. Renee Sunday, known as “The Platform Builder,” is a breakout star in the business consulting industry, who for years has been invested in developing professionals and new entrepreneurs everyday. The Atlanta based media mogul, entrepreneur, doctor (yes, she’s an anesthesiologist), life coach and author is proving that if you follow your purpose, anything can be accomplished, and she is challenging others to take the step in launching their visions.

“I wasn’t always known as “The Platform Builder”, Dr. Sunday said. “I started off as a regular college student that had her doubts about herself. After I accomplished my first goal of becoming a doctor, I realized that my purpose was much greater. A lot of people encouraged me to step outside of what was normal to me, and do my own thing–and I did just that. In less than a year, I was sharing platforms with people like Bishop TD Jakes and Oprah Winfrey. So now, I pay it forward and help people to be seen, be heard, and get paid to follow their dreams.”

In the midst of her journey though, she lost a loved one. As part of her grieving process, she started journaling on a regular basis. After a short period of time, Dr. Sunday took those journals and they became very essential parts of her first book! From there, it seemed like opportunities started falling from the sky. She then got her start in media, after a young lady sent her a message offering her a spot as a co-host on a local radio show. Her career skyrocketed after that and now everyone calls on “The Platform Builder” to help them explore new options and expand their business.

“The hardest thing about working with others is definitely dealing with people who can’t see their greatness,” Dr. Sunday said. “Everyone has that special ‘something’ inside of them, but not everyone can see it. Some people don’t see their potential, don’t think they’re good enough, or don’t think they’re talented enough to make an impact on the world. Another big problem, is that they make the mistake of trying to prove to the world that they’re something that they aren’t. Authenticity is key. People also get too comfortable and become scared of change and vulnerability. They end up being the only thing that stops themselves. But that’s what I do and that’s why I’m here. We all need people in our corner to push us to our fullest potential.”

Dr. Sunday also provided a glimpse into what she has in store for 2019! She is going to be starting her new series of “Round Table Mastermind Discussions” that will occur each quarter of the year and she wants to start a Sunday School Academy to train spiritual leaders.

As a woman of many talents, it’s clear that Dr. Sunday has a lot on her plate. When asked who her inspiration was and how she stays motivated, she said “The answer is simple; I believe in God first and foremost. My family is my biggest support system; and, I’m more than grateful. With that, I was able to walk into my purpose, and now I’m here to help as many people as I can walk in theirs.