Birmingham’s Jacoby X Looks to Make His Mark in The Music Industry

By Arion Hewitt

While there are a lot of new artists emerging in the music scene everyday, none of them are quite as unique as rising rapper, singer and songwriter Jacoby X. What separates the Birmingham, AL native from the pack is his amazing versatility, substantial lyrics and his super creative vision for himself and his community.

As a child, Jacoby’s dad, a church pastor, was the person who pushed him to pursue music – having him sing and perform gospel rap in the church. At the time, however, it wasn’t music, but football that was Jacoby’s passion. Still, his dad was adamant about the fact that his son had a special talent that the world needed to bear witness to.

It was not until his junior year as a college football player at Tuskegee University that he began to experiment with music. With his NFL hopes appearing dimmer and dimmer, he gave music a true shot for the first time, making songs in his dorm with his friends. Shortly after, he developed a strong fan-base on campus and began performing at talent shows and at the University’s Homecoming.

Fast forward and Jacoby X has performed on stages with the likes of Migos, Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Trina, Diamond (from Crime Mob) and Hood Rich Pablo among others. He has no signs of slowing down, and continues to showcase his lyrical, singing and songwriting abilities that span across musical genres.

“I think that versatility is what makes an artist special,” said Jacoby X. “The ability to switch your sound up and infuse other types of music into your sound is an essential skill when it comes to making music.”

One look at his musical influences and will let you know exactly where this mindset derives from. Among his favorite artists are Meek Mill, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, Kent Jones, Fred Hammond, and Hezekiah Walker. It’s a pretty “versatile” list to say the least.

Jacoby X appreciates each of these artists for their story telling and transparency, something that is sorely lacking in today’s social media-driven climate. Most figures in entertainment expose only the successes of their careers. To Jacoby X, however, being open and honest about his journey and his struggles is central to who he is as an independent artist. He touches on his faith, bouts with depression and also heartbreak. In addition, let’s people know that the road to achieving your dreams is no cake-walk.

There are a lot of monetary challenges that come along with this game, seeing as though you are the one supporting yourself,” he said. “It’s also tough developing new marketing ideas without a team. That why I teamed up with my publicist Mr. Ivan Thomas to help me make my way to the top.”

Looking to turn up the heat and make a statement, Jacoby X has released his new single called “Check,” a hip record that he refers to as a  “feel good song that you can vibe out to when you’re trying to have a good time. It’s a song that’ll have you turnt up.” The track is part of his forthcoming EP called “Unapologetically Me,” which will be out this year. The video can currently be found on YouTube and the single is available on itunes, Spotify and all other digital platforms. He is also planning the release of a gospel album entitled “Restoration.”


In 2019, Jacoby has plans to make an impact and become more than an artist known in his hometown. In his words, he will be a force to be reckoned with, he wants to be one of the greatest of his generation.

Check out the video for Jacoby X’s single “Check” here: Also, follow him on Instagram at @jacoby_x and Facebook at @BrowderJacoby.