A Young ‘Bay Area’ Entrepreneur Provides ‘Laughter, Love and Play’ in Products

By: Sonny Pinkney

A student by day, a business-owner by night, with the assistance of her mother, of course, young Samyra Jacobs, is the proud owner of the company ‘Dyad Se Youn’. The average child, in her age demographic is likely more concerned with interacting with their friends, playing video games or browsing the internet—not Samyra. This 10-year-old got her inspiration from shopping at store—where they sold products that, was appealing to Samyra.

“I had a gift card to this place, that also sells bath bombs and sugar scrubs, so I went there with my mom one day; and there was a small bath bombs for like $15, $20, and it was super small.” Jacobs said.

Samyra quickly realized, those items at that particular store, was too expensive–and she had to figure out a more cost-effective way to create the bath bombs and sugar scrubs, for individuals that faced the same dilemma as she.



“So, me and my mom went home and ‘we were like, how could we make this at home?’ So, we looked it up and started making them.” Samyra added.

Dyad Se Youn which means ‘two are one’ sells bath bombs, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs; the Oakland, California-based company products are made organically.



One would think that a 5th grader would be celebrated by her peers for starting a company; but, in Samyra’s case—it’s the exact opposite. Some of her classmates, Jacobs believes are envious of her and she can’t fathom why.

“I actually don’t know why they’re jealous of me.” Jacobs wonders.

Nonetheless, as the youngest person in her family to establish a startup business, the young entrepreneur says, ‘it’s inspiring’.

The 5th grader whose favorite colors are pink, and purple admitted to feedbackthemagazine.com that being a business-owner is extremely taxing.

“The long hours tire me out, and I get very tired; and I have a lot help from my mom.” Jacobs stated.

Before we concluded the interview, we asked the youthful Oakland-native, what’s the main premise of her company ‘Dyad Se Youn?

“To keep building it and to make more money.”

For more information, you can find Dyad Se Youn on Facebook and Instagram.