By: Sonny Pinkney

“Love the way you feel.” that’s the motto for the company, ‘Love Iguehi’.

While always having an eye for fashion, entrepreneur, Iguehi James originally had aspired to become a doctor—or doing something within the healthcare sector. But, life had something else in-store for Iguehi. The Nigerian-American didn’t focus on becoming a fashion designer until 2015—that’s when James, ultimately found her true calling; and is currently the CEO and designer of her own company, ‘Love Iguehi’. Because she didn’t envision herself creating styles for others. James stated to that she was cultivated in an ‘art’ background—growing up and was influenced by her father—who was an illustrator.

Love Igeuhi’s CEO & Head Designer, Igeuhi James.

“I come from an art family. My dad is an artist and, so I’ve was always been exposed to different kinds of art, paintings, sculptures—he’s a very stylist man, he has a style all his own. He has always exposed myself and my siblings to the art realm.” James said.

When Iguehi crafts a design for a potential client, she mentally places it on canvas in her mind—just like her father.

Love Igeuhi knee length skirt.

“I think I know how I want feel; and, while I may not know exactly how the pieces, that I create come out I know when I want something to be bold, I know when I want a piece to move me, and so, in that sense, I do think about the things, I’m going to create before I actually create it.” James shared.

The Oakland, California native constructs many different types of designs that primarily focuses on James’ Oakland and Nigerian backgrounds—but Iguehi, who within the past five years has discovered her passion for sewing— thinks it’s a lost art for individuals in this generation.

“When they did away with home economics and all of these practical skills for the schools—so went sewing. So, for me, I didn’t know how to sew.” James said

She adds: “We have to use our resources that we have available, so I got on YouTube; and I literally pulled an all-nighter sewing and watching videos; and, so the first thing I made was like a skirt… ‘I was like ‘Oh Wow’ I just used YouTube to create a new skirt—I think I might’ve found a new hobby’ Iguehi told And, then that hobby has blossomed into my full-time business.”

Iguehi revealed to, how she arrived at the concept of ‘Love Iguehi’ which combines traditional African fabric with contemporary styles to create apparel for everyone.

“When I was thinking about a name for the business, I was thinking about what I want to transfer to my customers. So, I like to be [that] I sold love into each piece and when I’m giving someone a shirt that they didn’t even purchase themselves—they paid for it—it almost feels like, I’m giving [my customers] an extension of myself.” James feels.

Love Iguehi offers men’s tees as well.

Lastly, James’ company, which was founded in 2016, offers pieces that an individual can wear for any occasion. Some of the items that Love Iguehi sells are: Dresses, Skirts, Outwear, Headwraps, Clutches and Tops. For more information you can visit Love Iguehi’s website:





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