Atlanta’s go-to clothing imprint, the ‘OOOG Brand’

By Sonny Pinkney

Just think at one time this accomplished entrepreneur didn’t aspire to be in the fashion world. Yet this man has cultivated his trendy business into an exclusive product. With the slogan: “It’s not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle.” For his clothing line called, “Triple OG Brand” (OOOG Brand).

OOOG, Founder & CEO, Keith ‘Street Lotto’ Smith pictured here.

Former rap artist, ‘Street Lotto’ aka Keith Smith unveiled ‘OOOG Brand’ in 2014. Smith is the owner and CEO of the Atlanta-based fashion line after facing a myriad of obstacles during his pursuit of excellence.

Street Lotto stumbled upon the initial sketch of “OOOG” when he was crafting T-shirts to push his song, “OOOG”. The shirt became popular with shoppers, and the rest is shall we say is history. “Triple OG” [whose acronym means ‘Omnipotent Opportunities of God’] explained to that staying true to yourself is the significance behind company’s name.

“Keith Smith maybe one way but Street Lotto is another. Let’s just merge these two guys and just be who I am from the soul.” Smith shared. “So, it’s really me being within my purpose. Because I’ve never done anything in my life that works quite like OOOG works.”

Street Lotto said ‘there was no difference anymore’ between Street Lotto and Keith Smith. But as time moved forward, he knows that he’s evolved both as a man and person.

“You can look at stuff you did years ago and like, ‘You know what, that was dumb.’ “At the time it made perfect sense.” OOOG Brand’s Creative Director explains. “Because you didn’t have that intel. You didn’t have that knowledge of self.”

The Cincinnati, Ohio native, who’s striving to carve a name for himself inside the fashion circles says the OOOG Brand’s target audience is anyone that embodies what the OOOG Brand personifies.

“Whoever is enlightened and represents the lifestyle that we cater to.” Smith answered. The entrepreneur added: “It could be all ages [and] at this point what it’s been like ages thirty-to-fifty [that] really really represent us and support us big time.”

OOOG Brand Long sleeve Crew. Visit the website”

The Triple OG Brand incorporated inspirational and motivational aphorisms on its custom-made t-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve crew necks, caps, jogger’s and hoodies that’s available for both men and women.

They’ve become one of the quickest emerging brands in urban fashion. Smith states the uniqueness of the OOOG Brand, while uniting individuals together from various backgrounds is what sets it apart from other clothing lines.

“Its purpose. If you look at the shirts we’ve got, you got OOOG [Brand] that’s the classic logo t-shirt. Then you have the shirt, “Earned Not Given” who’s not going to stand on that.” Smith explains. “Who’s not going to stand on the shirt that says, “Do More, Say Less”, “Deuces to Excuses”, “God’s Gift” and “Legacy” which is what all of this is about.”

Legacy Splash OOOG Brand hoodie…Visit the website”

“We do things to speak to that. That’s the difference. No other brand is doing that.” Street Lotto feels.

During his musical career, Street Lotto worked with artists 98 Degrees and the Dogg Pound and he admits being in their presence helped him both musically and business wise.

“When you surround yourself with people like that, its certain stuff you can’t help but to pick up.” Smith thinks. “I listen to wisdom from a place where I want to be, like,  ‘How’d you get here’? ‘How were you able to garner this much attention on what you were doing?’

Although, the OOOG Brand doesn’t have a storefront location to purchase items, prospective customers can visit the brand’s website and all social media platforms. The business has garnered support from celebrities, athletes and influencers in the industry—such as Ice Cube, CeeLo Green, Bill Bellamy and Rakim. Street Lotto said the OOOG Brand is the ‘go-to brand out of Atlanta, Georgia.’

Rapper, Singer, Producer & Actor, Cee Lo Green supporting the OOOG Brand.

Recently, Street Lotto was a guest at the Atlanta-based hip-hop radio station, ‘Streetz 94.5’ which is the No.1 morning radio show in the city, as they held a photoshoot for their personalities. (VH1 Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta)

Comedian Shawty Shawty, Reality Star & Rapper, Young Joc & Host Su Solo at photoshoot at Streetz 94.5 FM Atlanta.

With Reality star and rapper, Young Joc, Comedian, Shawty Shawty and Su Solo sporting the OOOG Brand clothing.

“So many actors, comedians and artists call me up to wear my gear. They take it on movie sets to wear in movies, television and we sponsor some many AAU basketball teams.” Street Lotto revealed

The curator of the Triple OG Brand acknowledges that he was always a businessman, the only difference is that he’s receiving more media requests about his businesses.

“I’m the front man. I’m doing the interviews. I’m doing the appearances. I did the tv shows. With my music, I was doing the rapping. But it’s still my company. So, I never wasn’t an entrepreneur it just switched over to something bigger.” Lotto expressed. concluded the interview by asking Keith, the million-dollar question. What’s the long-term goal of the OOOG Brand?

He replied: “To be great and create generational wealth that’s it.

Contact information: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @OOOGBrand

Official website:


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