The Garden State’s ‘Treu Form’ Founder discusses her Media Content company.

By: Sonny Pinkney

Treu Form can be found on Facebook & Instagram: @TreuForm

These days, with the ongoing pandemic, companies are downsizing or furloughing its employees at an alarming rate. And, as a result, more and more individuals are crafting their own opportunities by becoming entrepreneurs and establishing their own companies. Well, Emily Treu took a leap of faith in 2019 and launched Treu Entertainment.

Treu Form main premise is her passion and dedication while providing quality work for prospective clients.

The Marlton, New Jersey native expressed to while most of her clients are primarily based within the Tri-State region (Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware) Emily is willing to travel out-of-state for production work.

“I go into Pennsylvania a lot. But I am definitely willing to travel, right now at the max three hours.” Treu stated.

Since the inception of Treu Form, Emily provides a myriad of options regarding prospective customers needs regarding projects, nothing is off-limits.

Treu Form’s email address.

“We offer Graphic Design, Photography and Video. I work with a lot of small businesses.” Treu said.

Emily who is all about her community told that her prices are reasonable for photography, video shoots and content creation.

“I have flat rates for video. It depends I go off the minutes for the video. I do deals like buy two videos and get one free.” Emily answered.

 “For photography, its hourly and for graphic design its one flat rate. But my prices are fairly affordable at this point.”

The Thomas Jefferson University alumna, who earned a B.S. in graphic design and photography revealed—although she has the support of her family, and friends, she does not have a mentor. However, Treu is receptive to the idea of having one.

“That is something that I am open too, and I hope that comes out naturally, eventually. I would say definitely my professors at Philadelphia University gave me a lot of inspiration.”

With the Coronavirus surging across the Tri-State region, Emily has noticed a significant drop-off in clients contacting Treu Form for her services.

“I’ve been reaching out to a lot of people and thankfully—they’ve been getting back to me and I’ve been doing a lot of networking online. But a lot of reasons that people are attracted to me is because of my video work.”

In any business, what sets a company apart from others is vital to its success, because the establishment must be appealing and affordable to customers. Emily deems Treu Form’s pricing is what makes her company unique from other media creation outlets.

“My pricing is really really good. People are charging thousands upon thousands of dollars for one-minute videos for Facebook.” The NBC Sports Philadelphia Graphic Designer said.  “I do not charge much at all—and the quality and the style that I offer I think is modern.”

The Treu Form Founder added: “A lot of the time people, will come to me and say”: ‘You know, I could’ve gone to another production company;  but I decided to go with your company because you’re so personable.’

Emily Treu pictured here launched Treu Form Entertainment in 2019. Her website is


Treu Form Entertainment Founder, Emily Treu during a photoshoot.


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