Atlanta-based Entrepreneur & Celebrity Publicist, Ivan Thomas Authors Debut Book… “Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.”

By: Sonny Pinkney

Howard University alum, Ivan Thomas is no stranger The Windy City native is back—this time to discuss his new book “Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within. Thomas, a husband and father of three will remember June 30th for the rest of time. That is because, for starters, it is his birthday—and two, his debut book titled Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within is available for purchase on Amazon.

The newly published author told, that he has garnered great reviews from friends, media, and strangers.

“It’s definitely a great feeling to have completed the book and have it out on Amazon. And, already the book has only been out for a week-in-a-half to two weeks.” Thomas said.

“And, I am already getting a lot of support from strangers, from the media and even from people from far back as twenty-years ago.” Ivan revealed.

We asked Thomas, who devoted over four-hundred hours into writing his book, what can readers expect from his book? He replied:  “The focus of this book is helping everyday individuals, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who’s looking to elevate from beyond mediocrity into their own personal level of greatness, the book is for them.”

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He added: “What they can expect is some real truth, I don’t mince words in the book. It’s very straightforward, its open and honest.”

It had always been a lifelong dream for Ivan to pen a book, and nearly two years later he came to the realization that now was the perfect time to share it to the masses. But the road to success has not been easy for the celebrity publicist, as he explained to

He too has defied gravity in his life, as he battled to find his purpose and experienced being unfulfilled working alongside his father at his Public Relations firm.

“I worked with him for about six-and a half years, and probably by year four, I just grew very frustrated because our parents typically have their vision for how our lives are going to go, without even really consulting us sometimes and getting our take on the matter.” Thomas explained.

“I had certain gifts, talents, interests and passions that I wanted to pursue that when I was working for him, I wasn’t able to pursue.”I learned alot of things, but I made the decision that it was time to move on and live my vision for my life. Ivan remained at his father’s PR firm for two more years before starting his own Public Relations firm, Intrigue Media Group in 2014. Ivan revealed that he faced obstacles at the onset of his company.

Ivan Thomas President & CEO of Intrigue Media Group, LLC since 2014.

“It was tough, it was very challenging in the beginning.” Thomas remembers. “I started my company with very little money and everything that I had, I invested to launch my website, get my business cards and to begin to put myself out there by going to all kinds of meetings and things of that nature. I didn’t make that much money when I first started.”

After stepping out on faith six years ago, Ivan currently operates a successful PR firm, a credit repair company (Credit Savant LLC) and is making the rounds on the media circuit to promote his new book —as opposed to being in his office coordinating media interviews for his clients. Thomas says he is still adjusting to being asked questions by various news outlets and journalists.

“It’s still a funny feeling. Of course, I know the process because I have been through it thousands of times with clients setting up interviews for them.” Thomas admitted.

“But, although I know how the process works…It is still an adjustment—I am growing more accustomed to it each day. But it is a lot different, I did not recognize that it would feel so different since I do it for everybody else.”

The Atlanta-based entrepreneur and businessman credits his parents for instilling his drive, dedication, and determination into him.

“My dad is the person who exposed me to entrepreneurship. We had our philosophical differences at times, and of course, I went off to start my own company, but he’s the person who planted that seed.” Thomas stated.

The first-time author acknowledges his mother for molding him into the man he is today. “I have to credit my mom for implanting in me great character and also discernment and vision.”

Defy Gravity’s main premise is that in life, we all have challenges, adversity, and disappointments that, if we allow them, will keep us from our destinies.

Courtesy of Intrigue Media Group

At 37-years-old, Thomas expressed to that he doesn’t have any regrets so far in his life.  “I didn’t want to live a life of missed goals and regret.’ Thomas explained.

“That is why I want to to implant this mindset and these strategies into the reader so that they don’t have to make those decisions.”

“I want to leave a legacy. I want to impact history. I want my grand-kids and great-grand kids to know about me.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc throughout the world, and with people being either laid-off or furloughed from their jobs, the author believes that people will draw inspiration from his book, Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.

“I think that with Covid-19, while it has been a difficult time for many, it was also an opportunity for many people to get much needed time to regenerate and spend more time with their families.”  Ivan deems.

“Often, we look at the negative, but I think we must learn to look at the positive that comes out of the situation. Of course, they are people who have struggled financially and things of that nature, but others have been able to start new businesses, find new passions and ultimately take steps towards building the life they want.”

Being in the company of well-known, successful people while managing his celebrity clientele has motivated Thomas to maintain his level of success.

“Yeah. There has been a certain level of motivation that comes along with it.” Thomas explained. It keeps me sharp and on my game.

“But the more you are around these celebrities and high-profile people, the more you recognize—that they are no different from you. They just decided to act. They had a dream. They had a vision and they went for it.” Thomas described. Purchase Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within HERE:

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