Atlanta based R&B artist “LightSkin Bobby”releases new album, ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’

By: Sonny Pinkney

What do R&B music legends Bobby Brown and Usher have in common? Well, for starters, these two living icons are the music idols of R&B singer, ‘Lightskin Bobby’. Born Breyon Sweeting, LightSkin Bobby, is a singer/songwriter that hails from Atlanta, Georgia.

A young Bobby won multiple talent shows in both Georgia and South Carolina, respectively. Which led Bobby to an appearance on the legendary talent program “Showtime at The Apollo”.

The R&B singer released his album ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’ before the COVID-19 pandemic with his first single “What U Like,” to celebrate his 30th birthday.

When LightSkin Bobby was a kid, he did not realize the gravity of performing in such an iconic building, located in Harlem, New York where past and present stars in entertainment made their introduction to a worldwide audience.

“If I could go back into time, I would say it was just natural. Because I did not know what I was doing, I was just doing it for fun. And I was there doing what I love to do.” Sweeting remembers.

The Apollo features live performances from both professional and up-and-coming artists, and also features an Amateur Night competition

Just before the pandemic, the 30-year-old released his latest album, “Last of A Dying Breed” that features an appearance by Faded Mulah on the second single off the album “Can’t Go”.

The “Life Of The Party” artist explains how he arrived at the title of his album. Bobby passionately believes that nobody is more authentic than him.

Twitter: @LightskinBobby

“Just being in the streets, and life in general. I just see it’s not that many people that’s cut from the same cloth that I’m cut from.” Sweeting feels.

“I definitely want to let the world know, that I feel like I’m cut from that cloth, the “Last of a Dying Breed” and I stand on it.”

“The “What U Like” singer, whose album “Last of a Dying Breed” is available on all streaming platforms shared what inspired him to make this album. Light skin Bobby indicated he had to detach himself from toxic folks in his life for him to evolve.

“Well, it just was a time in my life, where I was dealing with a lot of people that was around—just because of the benefits of what comes with being around me.” LightSkin Bobby explained.

“I had to cut them off and start from scratch and really build a strong foundation with my team. So, I just grabbed from those people knowing that I’m genuine and that I’m not going to take any disrespect.”

Bobby wanted to showcase his lyrical skills on his recent single ‘Can’t Go’, that was produced by ‘D Fresh’. Because, he did not want his latest album to be a predictable R&B album.

LightSkin Bobby explained his thoughts to “I didn’t want the album to be a typical R&B album, but I wanted to show off my rapping skills.”

Video of Lightskin Bobby ft Faded Mulah – “Can’t Go” (Shot by. JKingVisuals)

“I’m an artist and I’m talented in both areas. So, I figured if it were a good song people would receive it the right way. And, so far, people are liking it more than I was expecting them to.” Light skin Bobby said.

Before being known as LightSkin Bobby, the singer who performed under the alias, Breyon FPGM has previously teamed up with producers DJ Kutt Throat and DJ Hollywood, and Atlanta rapper Ninja Byrto on the “Worldwide” project. 

LightSkin Bobby and Ninja Byrto on “Worldwide” project.
More info: Checkout his website:

When you listen to Light skin Bobby’s music, you are listening to a lot of truth. His reality. All depending on who your speaking too. Because Bobby does not follow the latest trends, he is an innovator.

The “Bonita” singer says: “It’s not me trying to sound like the trend that’s going on.”

“I have been doing music since I was two years old, so you know that the originality is there. Because when you hear each track sounds nothing like the other one.”

IG: @LightskinBobby

Bobby is currently in talks with Capitol Records to ink a possible record deal, however he prefers being independent. Because he has ‘creative control’ over his career.

“My dream is to be with a label as a partnership. I can do an 80-20 deal with them [Capitol Records] or a 90-10 something like that makes sense for me.” Sweeting said.  “With all the work, I’ve put in and all the money that I invested already in my career.”

He adds: “I can’t just be signed as an artist. Because I’ve been a CEO for too long.” The singer said decisively.

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