Roughly, 60,000 American citizens are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease every year. It’s reported that ten million people globally are currently living with Parkinson’s. We spoke to one person that can relate to a person that has this debilitating disease. Her name is Jennifer Cobb.

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Cobb, who is a former NFL cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams for three years, during the “Greatest Show on Turf’ years [now Los Angeles Rams]; divulged to feedbackthemagazine that her father suffers from the disease that affects the Central Nervous System [CNS]; and she was not familiar with the enfeeble disease at first.


“I was familiar with the sister of Parkinson’s which is Alzheimer’s, and I was also familiar with some other brain diseases—such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Concussions, Brain Tumors; but Parkinson’s, specifically I wasn’t.” Cobb said.

Played games in St. Louis, MO from 1995-2015. Captured Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999.

Founded in 2016, Team Gateway has partnered with the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center and the Michael J. Fox to raise awareness and capital for those that is affected with the disease.

“I was familiar with the sister of Parkinson’s which is Alzheimer’s, and I was also familiar with some other brain diseases—such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Concussions, Brain Tumors; but Parkinson’s, specifically I wasn’t.” Cobb said.

The TGTC raised nearly $70,000, and for her dedication, Jennifer was invited by Michael J. Fox to the VIP awards that was held in New York City—where she was honored.

“We love raising money—its awesome and its great. It goes for research; and its especially important that we find a cure.” Cobb explained.

Founded in 2016, Team Gateway To A Cure is a diverse group of members from all backgrounds who came together with the same goal in mind, to help raise funds and caregiver awareness. We are committed to helping raise money for The Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center (MAPC) foundation.

Jennifer is the Co-Executive Producer of the 2018 documentary, “A Race for Another Day” expressed to that she is confident that a cure will be discovered for Parkinson’s.

“If you go to the website, you can actually watch the trailer—it’s a movie that’s in post-production. It’s a documentary and it’s a story about the life of Dr. Gerry Medoff.” Cobb explained

“The movie uncovers the trajectory of the unveiling and unfolding of these medical breakthroughs that were uncovering; and I believe that in my dad’s lifetime—well have a cure for Parkinson’s.”

Being a caregiver is an important responsibility. Not only do you have to provide high-quality care for the patient; but you must give the patient a positive attitude and maintain an optimistic outlook on the situation.

“If you go to our website, you can read more information—not only about caregiver support but more support groups that would begin in the area that you live.” Cobb stated.

Jennifer’s father who is a retired businessman is currently residing in Hawaii, with her mom was an active person prior to his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

“He’s was a competitive fisherman; he traveled the world hunting; and he was also an incredible wrestler back in high school in Chicago. He was always continually active.”

“I’ve always had great memories growing up watching dad stay extremely involved with friendships, and being involved with different activities from camping, boating, fishing, and hunting.” Cobb remembers.

With COVID-19 impacting the entire globe Team Gateway could not have their 5K Run/Walk ‘Soul to Sole’ with the goal of raising money and awareness for Parkinson’s.

“Next year when we launch our new website, in January [2021] we are going to have a lot of fun events—quarterly, [so] you can go to the website, and read more about some of the fun events that we’re going to be having next year [2021].” Jennifer Cobb, Founder and Board President confirmed.

Finally, after two decades playing in St. Louis, the team relocated back to Los Angeles in 2015. Jennifer, however, has maintained lifelong friendships that extended beyond the gridiron. She keeps in touch with some former St. Louis Rams players; and the team’s former cheerleader provided some insight regarding the NFL returning to St. Louis.

“There has been a little buzz behind the scenes that [Former St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers]; Torry Holt and Isaac [Bruce] have been talking about possibly bringing a team back to St. Louis in the next coming years…But that of course, is some buzz that I’ve heard—I don’t know.” The former St. Louis Rams team ambassador revealed.

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