Producer, Writer, Businessman, Director, Choreographer & Entrepreneur Darnell ‘D Rich’ Richardson proudly launched D. Richardson Productions, LLC in 2010, because as a child, Darnell had an interest for the arts. Darnell aims to create an entertainment experience that focuses primarily on the community while being consumer-friendly.


“I wanted to create a Disney experience or a UniverSoul Circus experience at an affordable price for people to see it in their own communities, so I wanted to create something that’s powerful and effective of high-quality and Broadway quality at an affordable rate for the community.” Richardson said.


Entrepreneurship among young minorities in the United States has ascended over the past decade, per the Small Business Administration. African Americans makeup 1.3 million in small business ownership in America.  And, while that number is expected to soar over the next decade, Darnell feels its vital for minorities to establish their own companies.


“I believe it’s ‘very very’ important to me, like growing up [it] seems like the generation that’s right after me and my generation—like they’re a generation of entrepreneurs [and] people that want to start businesses.” Richardson feels.


“I think that’s very important, because we need to know that, you don’t have to work for someone else, you can work for yourself and make more money and working less hours.” Darnell added.

Richardson Productions who services range from Event Planning, Marketing, Web Design and Photography considers his business to be unique from your typical production company—because of the myriad of services that his company provides.


“I like to give chances to people that aren’t normally able to express themselves. For example, I pull-in a lot of raw talent—meaning people who haven’t done it before—and I work with them. I don’t just give up on them, I help them build their craft.” Richardson admits.


In 2016, Darnell wrote, produced and directed the stage play titled “Please Don’t Shoot” as a way of restoring individuals who’ve faced obstacles and tragedies over the course of their lives.


“I created the show as a form of an outlet, as a form of healing and mediation to really open up their eyes and think. When you see the show its ‘really really’ heavy. We’re actually going to take it on tour at colleges and high schools throughout the country in 2017.” The award-winning playwright said.


The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native will have a hectic schedule in 2017, as he’s slated to produce four shows, “The Colored Museum,” (March 29th April 2nd) “The Lion King, Jr.,” (June 24-25th) “Holidays in Color Circus” (December 16th-17th) and “The Journey… the Adaptation of the Wiz” (September 15th-30th).


D Rich Productions has received positive feedback and praise around the Philadelphia region, because of what Richardson’s company provides to area residents and the children—an outlet for them to showcase their talents while watching a good quality production.


“We have our own theater at Johnson Child Care Center—a lot of people come to the show [and] don’t know what to expect—especially [from] the production quality…we have a dance school, that’s connected with the production company it’s called “Danse4Forever” we travel across the country. We’ve been to Africa and Bermuda… We do a lot.” Richardson revealed.

The “Faith of a Mustard Seed” writer who heads up a team of three staff members operates and offers a comprehensive dance program which consists jazz, ballet, hip-hop and West African. Richardson wants his pupils to become well-rounded individuals. The dancing class which incorporates acting into its routine costs $100/per month which includes a 3-hour training session that’s held once a week.


“The teachers are high quality. They all have degrees in dance education and we have a state-of-the-art dance facility and our own theater.” Full Sail University senior said.


As of December 18, 2016, the 24-year old made Philadelphia history by becoming the third African American owned theater company to its own facility outright.

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