By: Sonny Pinkney

After starting out as a model and being featured in men’s calendars and print magazines such as: ‘The Urban Release Magazine, ‘World Wide Talent Magazine’ and the ‘Miami Talent Magazine, Robert Shearn, III wanted to hone his skills as an actor. Thus, he studied acting at the ‘Walnut Street Theater School’ which is the oldest and most prominent theater company in the City of Brotherly Love. Shearn’s first film role was 2011’s ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro.

Shearn told that his role in the film “Limitless” ‘was unexpected’ the director need somebody for a scene.

“It wasn’t a plan for me. It just kind of happened because the director picked me on the set to work with Bradley Cooper. We were doing a club scene and we were in front of a bar and he [director] happened to need someone.”  Shearn said.

Robert appeared on Season 2, Episode 4

The New Jersey native, who appeared on the “TV One” crime series ‘For My Man’ will be portraying jazz musician, Louis Armstrong in the documentary, “Mysteries at the Museum” Robert says he’s ‘honored’ to be playing an icon.

“I was really ecstatic, that I was chosen to be able to play this… it’s a global thing, it’s not going to be in one location, this is my first time portraying a famous character, it’s like history.” Shearn said.


No official date has been released for the show “Mysteries at the Museum” which will be air on the Travel Channel sometime in 2017.

Shearn, who aspires to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest names like [Empire, The Butler] Lee Daniels; [OWN Network]; Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry [Good Deeds, Madea Family Reunion] feels that being an entrepreneur must be engrained inside an individual.

“It has to be something that you really want to do…because being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, it has to be in your heart and you have to be aggressive…. you have to really hit the pavement for your brand.” Shearn insisted.

Robert disclosed that the sole reason why he became a businessperson—because he ‘didn’t want to work for people’


Robert with Actress & fellow Garden State native, Tasha Smith

Mr. Shearn, who was fortunate enough to learn under some of the industry’s most recognizable actors Tasha Smith and Clifton Powell. And, he describes Smith’s demeanor as ‘very real person’.

“She tells it like it is. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything, like talking to her—you have to know what  it is that you’re talking about; And come across, in an intelligent way because if you don’t she’s going to let you know.” Shearn stated.

Robert, a native of Camden County New Jersey, revealed that Tasha’s real-life personality is similar to the on-screen roles that she portrays on the Tyler Perry directed movies and TV shows.

“That’s the one thing, I like about her, because she’s real. And she’s real about herself and her own life like she keeps it real, she doesn’t hide anything.” Robert added.

Robert appeared in the ‘Chase Street Crime Series’ which was directed by longtime actor, Clifton Powell. Powell, has appeared in several blockbuster films: Ray, Rush Hour, Dead Presidents, Street Kings, The Brothers and Norbit.  Shearn recalls [Clifton Powell] ‘treated me like family.’

Robert (left) Clifton Powell (right)

While, Robert is establishing himself as an actor; In the future, he envisions himself appearing in major motion picture films that’ll be shown globally.

Before the interview concluded, Robert did provide some insight for prospective actors and models who are trying to get into the industry. “It’s something that you really like and want to do, [also] you have to be consistent with it; and just hang in there, because nothing comes overnight.” Shearn revealed. Robert added: “When you’re acting and modeling you have to really enjoy it; because they’re sometimes when you may not get paid.”