Miss Mykie is 2nd from left hosting BET’s 106 & Park

BY: Sonny Pinkney

The song “We Fall Down” by Gospel recording artist Donnie McClurklin best defines the life of TV host, Author, Songstress and Entrepreneur Miss Mykie.  After battling depression, heartbreak and alcoholism. The 32-year-old, Texas native—recently shared her struggles and hardships with The former BET 106 & Park co-host who checked herself into alcohol rehab, admitted that she was very apprehensive in revealing her troubles in the beginning stages because she was nervous of the public’s perception of her. After overcoming her fears, Mykie started a campaign to help spread alcohol awareness.

Alcoholism runs deep within Mykie’s family as her father and grandmother (on her mother’s side) struggled with the disease that affects millions nationwide on a daily basis.

“The good news is I could fight my way out of it; and it’s going to be a lifetime fight—from what I hear. But, right know, I’m doing good, I’m staying prayed up…. [I’m] keeping good [and] positive energy around me and this campaign is actually helping me to stay focus.”  Gray said.

During the past seven years, Miss Mykie describes the ending of ‘2015’ as her lowest point in her life because it was ‘very dark.’

“I had lost it all. I had lost a lot of my friends, my relationship and I ended up selling my crib [house]; and I went back to staying back with my mother which was a real humbling experience. But, I just remember I was ill around that time, also, I used that time to abuse alcohol even more—that allowed me not to being able to think positively about my situation and know that God would get me out of it.” Gray explained.

“I was getting into some trouble, I think I wrecked a part of my mom’s car—tripping, that was darkest…. It wasn’t until recently, that I wanted to get into rehab and get the healthy.” Mykie added.

During her time hosting BET’s 106 & Park, Mykie did admit that entertainment industry is filled with pressure and she was a ‘functioning alcoholic’ during that period.

(L-R) Nicki Minaj, Bow Wow, Miss Mykie & Shorty Da Prince

“I wouldn’t say it was that bad during those times. I wasn’t depressed while using then. It was like this was the entertainment world—this is what we all do. We link up and we’d have business meetings. We’d meet up at a bar. We have these party bookings that I bring all of my people out.” Mykie remembered.

“I remember those times having event bookings and things of that nature and probably taking some liquid courage beforehand to feel relaxed. Because that’s what I felt that I needed to have the ‘Mykie juice’ [and] the swag.” Gray admitted.


Now available on is her new EP titled ‘Rehab’

The EP titled ‘Rehab’ contains six new tracks which can be purchased on and Mykie’s favorite song off the album is ‘Dizzy’ because she feels like it’s her best work to date.

“The masses can truly identify with that record; that record was probably one of the best records, I’ve ever recorded in my life. The passion that you hear in the record is real—It’s one of those records when you first hear it after the first two words… it’s an undeniable hit.”  The Howard University alumna feels.

Mykie, who has been sober since January 11, 2017 released her latest album titled ‘Rehab’ on June 16th wants her fans to listen to her album and takeaway—the honest facts.


“The truth. The realness. The real Miss Mykie. People have heard music from me in the past, me starting out. Honestly, like I wasn’t even fully one hundred percent [100%] committed to that artist, because that wasn’t my vision. I kind of felt like a puppet. I wanted to sing. I have a beautiful voice.” The former host of ‘The Tea’ said.

Miss Mykie will be releasing her debut autobiography in the Fall of 2017 which will tentatively be titled ‘Dizzy But Still Standing’ which highlight all aspects of her professional and personal life.

“My entire life story from [my] childhood and [when] I lost my brother to police [violence] before the whole Trayvon Martin; and, all of those riots and people becoming huge advocates—that really happened to me; that really impacted my life and all of those things had something to do with my substance abuse that turned into unhealthy outlets to mask how you feel. My mom lost a son, multiple husbands (the first husband was murdered in the Army); and the divorce of her and my dad. The realness of the entertainment industry and the different things I hid with the alcohol, my divorce [and] just everything. So, I’m going to be very open.” Gray reveals.