Singer, Songwriter, Actress & Worship leader Naomi B. is using her musical talent and voice to tackle the sex trafficking epidemic that’s plaguing young girls in her hometown of, Baltimore, Maryland. The 35-year-old, who grew up in the East Baltimore section of the city said her passion for assisting young girls stemmed from Naomi’s parents’ divorce and with her father being absent as an adolescent.

“I love my dad and he’s much in my life right know…. Anyway, growing up without my dad in the home, I later realized it really—really left a hole in me; and it caused me to be more susceptible to certain things, especially attention from boys and attention from people that I probably shouldn’t be getting attention from.” Burroughs said.

“I just developed a real passion for young women just like me who grew up just like me who may not be aware that they have these vulnerabilities. These are the types of vulnerabilities that traffickers like to exploit; they look and prey on girls who are searching for something or who are vulnerable—that’s how I kind of got into this thing.” Naomi B added.

According to Naomi, Sex trafficking which is the second largest crime in the world says its rapidly growing in Maryland’s largest city (Baltimore); and she has personally encountered girls as young as thirteen that are victims.

“I’ve met some young adults that are survivors, but, from what I hear, the average age is somewhere like between ten and thirteen; I hear that age thirteen age more often. But, I’ve seen on some reports that age should be lower.” The Morgan State alumna stated.

As a result, in 2010, Naomi decided to record her song “Break Free” which is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes & CD– she indicated during the 2016 video shoot of the song, that the video concept was based on exploring how sex trafficking functioned.

“I had been doing just some research on the different ways that the traffickers lured young women into the trade and that was ‘The Loverboy Method’ is one of the keys method—where a guy will befriend a girl and gain her trust… I wanted to highlight an example of that in the video as a learning tool; a lot of young people they may not attend a workshop to hear about trafficking or how they can keep safe; but will watch a music video. The “He Lives” songstress expressed.

When posed with the question: “In her expert opinion, what can [Baltimore] city leaders do to curtail and prevent sex trafficking?” The much-admired independent Christian artist, who views herself ‘as a student’ (not an expert) expressed that it all boils down to education.

“It comes down to first educating. We already have a problem; and it’s a growing problem. But, my passion is to make women aware, so they won’t become victims… we need to get more resources out there; we need more money… doing workshops or maybe getting this in the curriculum at the schools. We just need to be able to educate young people on a much wider scale, so I think education is key.” the “Holding On” vocalist said.

A 2005 graduate of Morgan State University, Naomi who earned an Accounting degree aspires of a meeting with current Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh to eradicate sex trafficking in the ‘Charm City’.

“I would love to work with the mayor, absolutely; And, any chance I get to help on any scale or any level; I’d jump at the opportunity. Naomi B replied.

While, sex trafficking is Naomi’s priority, the vocalist has recently added to her list of initiatives that she’s passionate about—bullying and domestic violence.