Meet the “Credit Guru of Atlanta,” the Go-To Guy for your Favorite Celebrities

By Ivan Thomas

People often marvel at the wealth and financial freedom of America’s biggest stars in TV/Film, Music and Sports. They see the plush mansions, designer clothes,  exotic cars and charter jets. However, most don’t know the man that’s tucked away quietly in the Buckhead section of Georgia, his name is James Hunt.

They call him “The Credit Guru of Atlanta.” He is a celebrity wealth management expert who helps high profile individuals to manage their wealth, and most of all, eliminate negative marks on their credit that adversely affect their scores. Whenever they are looking to purchase an exotic vehicle or buy a multi-million dollar mansion in Atlanta, they stop by his office first.

“I receive about 40 to 50 new clients every day who need my help to fix issues with their credit or to make certain things happen. People like Akon, Young Thug, Yo Gotti, Vincent Herbert, Tiny Harris, Bow Wow, Ginuwine, Michael Vick, Allen Iverson, Michael Beasley,  Bruce Irvin and many others come to me. Then, once they receive my services, they refer their friends and associates.”

James ‘The Guru’ Hunt with NBA legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Allen Iverson

 Hunt’s success affords him a similar lifestyle to his clients, minus the stardom. His driveway often looks like an exotic car lot. He has been known to get an Atlanta-area Bentley dealership to open its doors on a Sunday and secure a jet for one of his clients to attend the Super Bowl. If they [a client] need a home, he sets up a meeting with the best real estate agents and mortgage lenders. If they require something, Hunt makes certain that it happens.

(in the middle) James Hunt; (on right) New York Knicks star Michael Beasley

 Hunt is currently in negotiations with the NBA to assist all 472 players in the league with credit and financial education. He hopes to translate that to success and duplicate it within the NFL.

 However, this has not always been his life. Five years ago, Hunt says he was homeless. Yet, his vision and hunger for better drove him to consume everything he could about finances and credit. Once he got on track, he started helping others. Today, his staff consists of all young, black men who were either homeless or from disadvantaged backgrounds. His operation runs like an assembly line. There are no distractions, jazz plays in the background and the news is on every single TV. He grooms them into young black businessmen with focus, stellar credit, style and a bright future.

 “If someone comes from nothing, you have to pull them up and expose them. Be patient with them,” Hunt stated. “I don’t believe that I need someone from Harvard. In my experience, people who come from nothing will work harder to get something. They appreciate it more. All of my team works hard, has excellent credit and drives nice cars. I give them the foundation to live independently and to have a quality life.”

Super Bowl champion and Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin with James Hunt (on left) with James Hunt (on right)

 Hunt’s motto is “Debt Free is the New Rich.” That is also the name of his new book, which provides insight into the world of credit, how to monitor it, how to manage it, how to dispute inaccuracies and other must-know information. His goal is to better educate his community on how to develop the mindset for financial prosperity and good credit to break the cycle of debt and lack of access and generational wealth. To begin the process, he has one major piece of advice for everyone.

Hunt added. “Having good credit starts with knowledge. You should always know what is on your credit report. There shouldn’t be a single item on your credit report that you are unaware of and have not looked into. If you are unsure of something, inquire. You can’t change what you don’t know.”

You can follow James on Instagram @whoisjameshunt.